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We at ArabForTrade look for many ways to provide a competitive and appealing incentive to our traders.


Therefore every trader regardless of the account type that he or she opens is entitled to at least one bonus and/or incentive program.

Now the Latest Promotion till the end of 2015

Protected Trades !!

Total Protected Trades !!Minimum Deposit Amount
100 tradesmin deposit $ 3000
300 tradesmin deposit $ 10000

This Promotions is especially created for investors that are taking their first steps in the currency trading industry.

It will allow the investor to trade under conditions that are equal to those that have been trading for years and have been successful in doing so.
It will teach you the proper money management behavior as performed by the professional successful traders.

In addition you will be provided with the most exclusive the tool in the market that will teach you and show you how to spot real time trading opportunities in the market.

WITH $ 0,00 RISK

Interested ? apply now

Ask your account manager to be included in the exclusive group of traders that have access to this amazing opportunity.


Deposit Bonus !!

Per account we have different bonus options

AccountDeposit Bonus
Micro AccountBeginners 15% 
Standard AccountStandard 25% 
Silver AccountPremium 30% 
Gold AccountAmazing 40%
VIP AccountTruly Amazing 50%


To see the difference between the accounts visit the comparison Account Table that will provide you with a clear overview of the different account options and features.

BONUS Terms & Conditions

In order to withdraw your bonus you must execute a minimum trading volume of $20,000 for every bonus dollar. For example, if you receive a $100 bonus you will need to have a minimum trading volume of $2,000,000 in order to withdraw your bonus.

From the date you receive your Bonus your trading volume will start counting towards the volume requirement for Bonus Withdrawal.

Please note: you may withdraw funds from your account before reaching the minimum trading volume; however, by doing so, you forfeit the bonus amount.



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Contact Us

We are working for you 24/5 + 44 (20) 37693520
You Must be 18 years old to open an live account with us!
We Offer accounts that are process in the base currency of your choice, USD, EUR, GBP, JPY . Once chosen you will not be able to change this
Account type is according to Deposit Amount !

Micro Account = Deposit between $200-$999

Standard Account= Deposit between $1000 - $2499

Silver Account= Deposit between $2500-$9999

Gold Account= Deposit between $10,000 - $24,999

VIP Account= Deposit More than $25,000

For More info, just Contact us. We are here to Help!!
For more information on the different platform please see the 'Platforms' section in a menu
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