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Refund Policy


In certain circumstances, ArabForTrade Ltd. (“Company”) may refund payments made by the client back to the client’s account. Without derogating from the above mentioned and the Terms and Conditions of the Company, any refunds are subject to the Company's consideration and sole discretion.

In any case no refund will be made available if any and/or all of the following conditions have occurred:

  • There are not any active investments made by the account.
  • There are no pending investigations underway associated with the account or with a breach of the Company's Terms and Conditions.
  • There are no current or future charges applied to the account.
  • The account is not currently suspended due to violation of the Company's Terms and Conditions.
  • In case a refund request is based on any type of loss, whether foreseen or unforeseen this occurred in the account.

A refund request can only be made in cases of which funds have been deposited into the account of the client, but no orders were executed by the client.

In case that the Company has agreed to execute a refund to a client, according to the above mentioned conditions, the refund will be made in the same form of payment used by the client to deposit funds into his account. The processing time of any refund may take up to 14 business days from the Company's acceptance to make such refund available.

In no case will a refund be made if there is any reason to believe the following may have occurred in the account:

  • Scalping; or
  • Arbitrage Manipulation or any other manipulation; or
  • Market error which generated profit to the client; or
  • Taking advantage of a system error which generated profit to the client.


According to generally acceptable AML rules and regulations, refunds will be performed only through the same bank account or credit/debit card that were used to deposit the funds, and in the same currency in which the respective deposit was made.

In any event refunds shall not include any additional fees and/or charges that may apply. Such fees and/or charges will be deducted from the refunded amount.


Funds appearing on the client’s account may include agreed or voluntary bonuses and incentives and/or any other sums not directly deposited by the client or gained from trading activities ("Non-Deposited Funds"). Non-Deposited Funds are not available for refund.


In no case whatsoever will the Company be liable for any fees and/or charges made by or for the benefit of any third parties


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