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Investment Strategy

The underlying aspiration of every investor is to increase portfolio profitability and success. ArabForTrade has focused on guiding its traders to success through a range of trading methods and strategies that will allow for greater profits. Our analysts can mentor you in all aspects of online trading, as well as understanding the concepts of global economic affairs, which directly and often substantially influence market conditions.

Risk management

Managing the level of risk in a portfolio is a key factor to finding success. As risk levels rise, the potential for greater profits and losses increases as well. Avoiding such volatile conditions is important and can be accomplished in several ways. First, make sure that your account is funded properly, while considering your intended trading volume and strategy. Additionally, diversify the type of assets traded in the account, in order to create less volatility when any given asset sees rapid price changes. These are just some things that one can do to induce a long term sustainable portfolio.

Strategic focus on risk management: ArabForTrade constantly utilize a variety of tools and techniques to reduce volatility and hedge the portfolio's risk exposure. Among the tools employed are long equity, short equity, options, CFD’s, Forex.

We do not employ leverage in our portfolios.

ArabForTrade emphasis on management teams and in-depth research: Our investment strategy is implemented through a strong emphasis on the quality of management teams of our portfolio investments as well as through an extensive research process of companies, industries and macro trends. ArabForTrade dedicate a considerable portion of our resources to developing close, ongoing dialogue with management teams of existing and prospective investments, and consider the quality and credibility of management to be the most important factors in investment considerations.

Focus on growth and profitability: Identify and invest in tradable equities of companies with solid long-term revenue and earnings growth prospects. ArabForTrade investment objective is to identify companies with strong fundamentals which generate sustainable growth and profitability over time. Further, we target securities which we believe are attractively-valued and possess solid potential to generate considerable capital gains in the near future. Emphasis is placed on managing a balanced investment portfolio with broad sector and industry diversification along with proven track record and credibility of management teams.


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